What is the difference between recreational and select soccer?
Recreational soccer is a league designed for youth of any age and skill level. It is less competitive than select soccer and any youth who signs up is welcome. Select soccer requires a try-out and is a competitive travel league. Children must be at least 8-years-old to be eligible. The
MSC has select travel teams from ages U10 to U18 for both boys and girls. 

What is my age bracket?
In general, the age bracket is determined by the player’s age on August 1. For example, a player who has turned 7 before August 1, would play in a U-8 bracket during both the following Fall and Spring seasons. Note: age brackets may be combined or canceled depending on player enrollment in a given season. 

How do I qualify for Select Soccer?
To be selected to participate in any of our Select teams, players must participate in a process of selection called Tryouts. These tryouts occur on or after June 15th as mandated by MSYSA. Tryouts take place in 2 sessions (2 separate days) during the third week of June and attendance both days is not required but highly recommended. Players will be tested on various skills necessary to to play in a competitive league. See the Calendar for this years try out dates. Select Soccer is a two-season committment to the same team (Fall and Spring). Every year players must requalify.

What size ball is appropriate for my age?
Size No. 3 for U5 to U8, Size No. 4 for U9 to U12 and Size No. 5 for U13 to U19.

How can I become a coach?
Most anyone can become a coach - all it takes is a lot of enthusiasm and a little bit of patience! We offer coaching clinics at the beginning of the season, as well as balls, cones and all necessary documentation for coaching success. Just indicate when you register your child that you are interested in coaching, co-coaching, or assisting, and the age group coordinator will call if a position is open on your child’s team. If you do not have a child playing, just call the soccer club (832-0895) and let them know you are interested. Join the fun - coach!

How can I help at the MSC?
We are a non-profit volunteer organization. We appreciate any support such as helping in the concession stand (2-3 hour shifts on weekends), clean up at the end of the season, tournament volunteers, and more. Contact the MSC for more information.