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Fusion Information for donation, refund and voucher

Fusion Information for donation, refund and voucher

Information on donation, refund and voucher 

You have three options-  Please make a decision by May 30th.  If we do not hear from you by that time, you will be given a voucher coder for the Fall season.


  • DONATION:  To request that you fees be donated to Midland Soccer Club, please email George Hageage or contact the Leslie at the office.  You may donate the full amount of your fees or 1/2 of the fees.
  • REFUND:  Please contact George Hageage or the Leslie at the office  for a refund. 
    • If you used a credit card to register, the prorated refund will go back on that card.   
    • If you wrote a check or paid cash, a check will be written and sent to your home.  We are currently writing checks every Monday.
  • VOUCHER:  You may contact georgehageage@midlandsoccerclub.org for a voucher. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Technical Director, George Hageage, at 509-991-6119.