Fusion testing for 13 and older

Michigan Health Clincs will conduct onsite testing

  • Who needs testing:  Every player born 4/19/2008 or older (13 years of age or older)
  • Who is doing the testing:  Michigan Health Clinics.
  • Where: Midland Soccer Club 901 Building (main Building)
  • What: The description of the tests performed is attached in a pdf
  • How:  You need to register ASAP using the second attachment to this email and the QR code that is with that attachment.
  • When: Your team will be assigned a time between 6-8pm.  
  • Monday April 19th 6-6:20pm- Team 1903 
  • Monday April 19th 6:15-6:35pm- 1901
  • Monday April 19th 6:30-6:50pm- 1508
  • Monday April 19th 6:45-7:00pm- 2006 Boys Green and White
  • Monday April 19th 7:10-7:30pm- 2008 Boys and 2008 Girls Green
  • Monday April 19th 7:25-7:45pm- 2007 Boys Green
  • Monday April 19th 7:40-8:00pm- 2002/02 Boys and HS Boys
  • Tuesday April 20th 6:00-6:20pm- Team 1502
  • Tuesday April 20th 6:30--6:50pm- Team 1504
  • Tuesday April 20th 6:45-7:00pm- 2007 Girls
  • Tuesday April 20th 6:55-7:15pm- Team 1506
  • Tuesday April 20th 7:10-7:30pm- Team 1503
  • Tuesday April 20th 7:25-7:45pm- 2005 Boys Green
  • Tuesday April 20th 7:40-8:00pm- 2004 Boys Green
  • Wednesday April 21st 6:00-6:20pm- Team 1501
  • Wednesday April 21st 6:15-6:35pm- Team 1505
  • Wednesday April 21st 6:30-6:50pm- Team 1507
  • Wednesdy April 21st 6:55-7:15pm- Team 1902
  • Wednesday April 21st 7:25-7:45pm- Team 1904
Important information-
  1. You MAY NOT practice or play unless you have a documented negative test for the week.
  2. YOU MUST register via the directions on the attached pdf before coming to your appointed time! (QR code)
  3. If you are playing a sport at school and/or another club sport that tests, you may use that test as long as you can present documentation that your test was negative- These must be emailed to   

The tests have a 24 hour turnaround so testing Monday means that your earliest practice would be Wednesday and testing Tuesday means your earliest practice would be Thursday.  For this reason,please confirm the days and times of practice over the next couple of weeks.

If you miss your scheduled time, you may come at another time.
You may test at another facility but you must present documentation of the negative test by emailing to DOC@midlandsoccerclub.org  FOR FUSION and rec@midlandsoccerclub.org FOR RECREATION.

Covid 19 zoom meetings and information


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Topic: Covid testing meeting 2
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