Fusion Fees- 23-24

Select Expenses

As a member of MSC Fusion, it is the club’s policy to make actual costs to play travel soccer available and as transparent as possible. We recognize that playing travel soccer is expensive. That expense is due, in part, to the clubs commitment to giving your child the best opportunity to learn and develop through the sport of soccer. We expect the best from our coaches, our facilities and our travel families. We will consistently look for and offer opportunities to enhance our developmental offerings while trying to maintain as inexpensive a basic cost as possible.

Midland Soccer Club- Select Program 2023-24

U9/12 MMYSL- Birth years 2016-2014

Dues- $700

Extra- Tournament fee est- $138 for the year

U11/12 DA- Birth years 2013-2012

Dues- $820

Jr. State Cup Included

Extra- Tournament fee est- $150 for the year

U13-19 MMYSL- Birth years 2011-2005

Dues- $820

Extra- Tournament fee est- $150 for the year

U13/14 MSPSP- Birth years 2011-2010

Dues- $840

State Cup Fee- $80 (state cup only)

Extra- Tournament fee est- $185 for the year

U16-19 MSPSP- Birth years 2008-2005

Dues- $640

State Cup Fee- $90 (state cup only)**

Extra- Tournament fee est- ?

Boys/Girls in 8th Grade- Birth year 2009

Dues- $620 for team season +100 addl for off season

State Cup Fee- $80 (state cup only)**

Extra Tournament fee est- ?

08 Boys/Girls 9th grade- Birth year 2009

Dues- $640

State Cup Fee- $80 (state cup only)**

Extra Tournament fee est- ?

*Costs are estimated and certain age groups may have costs adjusted based on league and length of season.

**To stream line the process and take managers out of the collection business, most tournaments will be collected by the club as an extra fee.  If a team decides to add another tournament beyond what was expected, that will be the responsibility of the manager.


Club Dues Include

· Field maintance

· Coaching fees

· Outdoor league fees/referee fees

· Indoor practice fees

· Club administrative costs,

· sportsrecruits (For 8th grade and higher)

· The club sponsored tournaments (FIT and MIT)

· PLUS a State Cup or Jr State Cup fee as noted above

  • This fee includes referee fees for state cup games



Fees NOT covered in the Dues

Extra Team Fees- These fees are paid individually to the manager/coach and are not a part of the estimated dues above. They are additional costs based on team activities.

· Indoor tournaments or leagues like futsal as well as extra tournaments beyond FIT/MIT and the outlined tournaments per age group.

· The cost of hotel and $20/day stipend for your coach at all tournaments, including Regionals, to be split by the all the coaches teams attending the tournament.


Other costs that may be incurred during the year.

· Your individual/family Travel expenses to all tournaments and games. Travel expenses include family travel and hotel expenses.


Some teams have higher travel fees. Tournament fees may vary based on the tournaments that each team attends.


Other Team Expenses which may be incurred-

Other Team Expenses – These expenses are unique to each team (i.e. tents, benches, gifts). Additional Team Expenses Penalties (team bonds) or additional fees (e.g. early player passcards, extraordinary player drop or adds, etc) incurred by a team are the responsibility of that team.  ++These are not typical


Scholarships are available for all our programs including Fusion


Other Programs-

Academy Training and Camps – Training classes and camps offered through MSC, such as dribbling and finishing, are considered optional.

Speed and agility class