Midland Soccer Club

Referee Uniform

The Official United States Soccer Federation Referee Uniform

  • Gold jersey 
  • Black shorts (No basketball shorts, no white stripe on side)
  • Black shoes (mostly Black)
  • Black Socks "Two Stripe" with Official Sports logo or Black Socks with three-striped white top.

The Official Alternate United States Soccer Federation Referee Jerseys

  • Red jersey 
  • Black jersey 
  • Blue jersey
  • Green jersey

Midland Soccer Club Referee Uniform

You are expected as a referee to look professional, and have your shirt tucked in, and socks pulled up.  

No sunglasses, no jewelry, no gum chewing.  If the teams are not wearing cold weather gear, then neither should you.

Alternate referee jerseys: If you are planning on working in travel soccer matches at our complex or our tournaments you need to have official alternative color referee jerseys.  Red is typically the second choice for many.  If you start working State Cup matches and travel games outside Midland you will want to work on getting all colors.

Purchase Uniforms at Official Sports International