Important Information for Fall

Important Information for Fall

Dear MSC families,

On Thursday, September 3rd Governor Whitmer issued Executive order #2020-176 which allows for organized sports (section 7), among other things, to begin provided strict compliance to the rules spelled out in the order are adhered to.

Michigan State Youth Soccer is our organizing body for youth soccer in the state of Michigan.  The board at MSYSA has been working in close association with the University of Michigan Department of Health Services to craft Covid-19 protocols for teams, clubs and leagues to use to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.  The latest information on soccer protocols as well as other resources are located HERE.

Based on EO #2020-176

Section 7b:

Athletes participating in an organized sport, while on the field of play, are not subject to the social distancing requirements of this order found in sections 2(a) and 6(a)(1), but instead must maintain six feet of distance from one another to the extent compatible with that organized sport, and wear a facial covering except when swimming. Sports organizers shall ensure that athletes comply with this subsection for each organized sporting event.

This means that in both our travel and recreational programs, facial coverings (masks, gaiters) must be worn while playing/practicing.  Both the Technical Director and MSC Board recognize that this may be concerning to some families and players and that either this restriction (to wear a face covering) or the risk of getting Covid-19 might require each of our families to reevaluate if they would like to participate. 

As a club, each family has our complete support in determining if this Fall season continues to be one in which you would like to participate.  Please notify us if you no longer wish to play by Wednesday, September 9th, in order for us to reassess our numbers, reorganize teams for this season and process, vouchers/refunds/donations.

The new potential start date for the season will be moved back to September 26th as we follow Michigan State Youth Soccer’s phase to play outline.  Please plan on 6-8 games for the Fall and the potential for possible mid-week games, especially at the youngest ages, as we seek to reduce the number of people at the complex at a given time.

MSC would also like to highlight some other changes which will be in effect this Fall season.

· Per E0 #2020-176, Each participant will be limited to Two (2) spectators at a game.

· Parents will need to take the temperature of your child before coming to practice/games.  If they have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, they must stay home.

· If your player has any symptoms (sore throat, stomach ache, runny nose, cough, etc…) they will need to stay home.

· Coaches will be asked to track all players by asking three questions, do you have a fever, do you have any symptoms, have you been in contact or know of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.

· All players will have to get their own ball.  Used ball’s will be for sale at the MSC store.

· All players should have their own hand sanitizer and water bottle not to be shared with others.

· Coaches will sanitize balls and equipment before and after each practice/game.

Resources and links-

Michigan Health Services guideline for contact sports-

MSYSA return to play phased activities chart- We are currently in phase 4.5 until at least September 9th.

Michigan State Youth Soccer Press release on opening soccer

Executive order No. 2020-176