Midland Soccer Club

Parents Responsibilities and Procedures

Parents Responsibilities and Procedures

Parent Responsibilities

and Procedures


Before going to your first practice

  • You have a ball, shin gaurds and water-

  • size 3 ball for u4-7

  • Size 4 ball for u8-12

  • Size 5 ball for u13-19

Practices and games- 

  • Before taking your child to a practice or game

    • If the your child has a temperture reading is 100.4 or higher keep your child home
    • If your child has a headache, stomachache, sore throat feve, etc.. keep your child home
  • Game Day Procedures

    • If you choose to come watch the game, you should stay on the same side as your team.

    • Benches may or may not be provided to the teams so a blanket or chair for your child to sit on/in while they are not in the game is recommended.

    • Please stay away from the teams bench- ONLY COACHES MAY BE PRESENT